Visit Titanic Dock & Pumphouse Belfast

Titanic dock and pump house building in Belfast

The Titanic Dock and Pumphouse is an incredible physical space – it is the dry dock constructed for RMS Titanic and its sister ships so is often called ‘Titanics footprint‘.

It is located on Queens Road in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter. This massive area used to be the biggest shipyard in the world and the centre of our industrial activity. The new Northern Ireland Science Park has been built on the site to try to inspire digital engineers that anything is possible with enough hard work and the use of cutting edge technology.

Additions have been made to allow you to actually walk along the bottom of the dry dock and it is only within this space that you start to get an appreciation of the engineering excellence that existed in Belfast in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

You can hop off the Belfast City Sightseeing tour at stop #3 and you will get a discount of £1.00 when you show your Belfast City Sightseeing ticket. You can join a scheduled tour on site, or guide yourself around the area – either is a great experience.

Local experts are called ‘Titanaroks‘ and their leader (and site operator) is Colin Cobb. ”We have put in enormous work here to make the site accessible and interesting. At once stage it was proposed to fill in the dry dock with rubble – a quite astonishing suggestion, but thankfully that did not happen and an irreplaceable part of Belfast’s industrial heritage was saved”

Colin added that the use of photographs really brings the story to life and they are happy to try and answer any Titanic question – however obscure! You should make sure to grab a cup of coffee in the lovely coffee shop inside the actual Pumphouse. This red brick building still houses pumps used to empty the dock and is as much a marvel of Edwardian engineering as the Titanic itself.

You should allow at least an hour to explore this site properly and it costs just £5.00 per adult with your Belfast City Sightseeing discount.

We can be contacted by email at or through our tour office on +44 (0)28 90 321321. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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