HMS Caroline

HMS Caroline docked in the Titanic Quarter in Belfast.

Discover HMS Caroline in the heart of the Titanic Quarter in Belfast as you take your family on an adventure like no other.

If you’re looking for the perfect family attraction, HMS Caroline offers an interactive self-guided tour, touchscreen displays and panoramic views of the harbour. Voted as a five-star visitor attraction on Tripadvisor, HMS Caroline is the ultimate place to go with the kids.

HMS Caroline Tour

Upon receiving your tickets you will be provided with a map of the ship which you can keep as a souvenir, a set of headphones which are comfortable and produce excellent sound quality and an infra-red audio control which can be used throughout the ship at any of the numerous information points available.

Step on board HMS Caroline and you will first arrive in a vast space which displays a panoramic film showing an 11-minute clip on the drama and devastation that HMS Caroline witnessed during service. You can’t help but feel a sense of both excitement & trepidation as the ship’s history is played out before your very eyes in a space that was once occupied by approx. 300 extremely brave and probably terrified sailors.

The film is projected across the whole width and height of the room, the video quality is impressive & the sound is a powerful awakening which will set you up for the rest of this fantastic tour.

Don’t worry if you arrive halfway through, the film is repeated within 1 minute of ending and there’s plenty to keep you busy while you wait for the next clip.

Presentation onboard the HMS Caroline battleship in Belfast

A dramatic experience

HMS Caroline has been kitted out with the very best interactive equipment that brings the whole experience to life throughout the tour. All aspects of the ship’s history & engineering are played out through backlit touchscreen displays which are thoughtfully located throughout. Everything is slick, easy to use and without fault.

View the impressively recreated Captain’s Quarters, Marine’s Mess, and Wash, as well as the very important Engine Rooms, Sick Bay and Galley Kitchen. Each of these spaces have been restored to look as they did in 1916.

The detail that has been integrated into the tour is fantastic, with everything from the roaring mechanical sounds in the engine room, to the used dinner plates & cutlery that give an insight into everyday crew life onboard HMS Caroline. All of which is brought to life through the ships interactive audio guide.

Fun for the kids

HMS Caroline has been fitted out with plenty of great features, games, and quizzes to keep your kids occupied and entertained for hours. Learn about communications at sea during the 20th and 21st centuries, have a go at SOS signaling or enjoy the many animated interactive displays onboard for a fun-filled adventure.

Don’t forget to stop for a snack in the onboard cafe and visit the gift shop to pick up a souvenir of the experience!

HMS Caroline comprises

  • Historic Spaces: The historic spaces on HMS Caroline include the Captain’s Quarters, Marines’ Mess and Engine Rooms, as well as the very important Bathroom Flat, Sick Bay and Galley. All of these spaces have been recreated to look as they did in 1916, the year that Caroline was part of one of the largest naval battles in history – the Battle of Jutland.
  • Signal School: Learn about communication at sea during the 20th and 21st centuries on state of the art exhibits within this gallery inspired by the 1924 Wireless Telegraphy School. Try your hand at using a First World War signal lamp and see if you can crack a code using techniques like semaphore and flags.
  • Torpedo School: Ascend into the Torpedo School to explore naval weaponry and dazzle camouflage. Learn all about war at sea, create your own dazzle design and see if you can evade an enemy attack.
  • Virtual Access Suite: The Virtual Access Suite provides access to remote and hidden areas of HMS Caroline. Learn how the ship works with interactive exhibits and take control of HMS Caroline in the Virtual Bridge. Here you will also learn about Caroline’s impact in Belfast – her home for 90 years.
  • Outside spaces: Walk along the decks and see the ship’s 6-inch and 4-inch guns. Don’t forget to head up to the Navigating Bridge where you can visit the Captain’s Sea Cabin.
  • Mess Deck Café: Sailors were generally well-nourished to keep spirits and energy levels high for their busy days on board the ship. At HMS Caroline we continue this tradition, so why not take a break and relax in the Mess Deck Café on the lower deck serving local produce from 10am – 5pm daily. Here you can enjoy a hearty and wholesome drink and snack before you continue your journey through HMS Caroline. The café also showcases a historic recreation of a Light Cruiser’s mess table, ready for the crew to enjoy a meal.

Mobility Access

The tour design has included excellent mobility access for those with disabilities. Most of the ship can be accessed by wheelchair users as floor lips have been removed down one side of the ship. There are also lifts on either end of the ship to get you to each floor.

Check out the video for a quick glance at this amazing experience & for more information check out Don’t forget to come back here to buy your tickets which include the Belfast City Sightseeing Tour, Hop on/Hop off at any of our 23 designated bus stops!

Driving to Belfast? You can join the tour at HMS Caroline if you want to park your car in their carpark – you can join any Belfast City Sightseeing tour at the HMS Caroline. Buses pass every 30 minutes from 10:07am

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