The Troubles and political conflict


Belfast is synonymous with the story of our political ‘ troubles ‘. Our specialist school tours are designed to help explain the troubles to groups of various ages and levels of understanding;

- Primary school
- Secondary school
- College / University

The private tour will showcase key sites and stories of our recent past;

- Political wall art – The Murals
- The Belfast Peace Wall
- The Crumlin Road Jail and Courthouse
- The Shankill Road
- The Falls Road
- Gardens of Remembrance
- Stormont and Parliament Buildings

We aim to help explain why things happened here as the did, and as part of the tour we will talk about;

- The history of Ireland
- The story of Plantation
- The United Irishmen
- Industrialisation
- Penal Laws
- Home Rule
- The effects of World War 1 and The Easter Rebellion
- Partition and the creation of Northern Ireland
- The effects of World War II
- The Civil Rights Movement
- Early Troubles
- The Peace Process
- Post troubles Belfast
- The new city

We will pick you up from your school and return you there after your 1.5 / 2.0 hour tour.

Why not share your tour with another school? We can help match you up with another school class!

These tours start from just £4.00 per pupil / student